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We liquidate unsold inventory on both TV and Radio.

Consider us the 'Priceline' of media sales.

Combining insightful data analysis measures with proven, tried-and-true procedures, the Silver Frog team has developed an approach to comprehensive marketing plans that work. Our efforts are designed to boost ROI and to deliver unquestionable results across the board.

Our network of partnering media giants, such as Clear Channel, Cox and Gannett, allows us to utilize our buying power to secure affordable rates any time of day. From morning drive time to afternoon rush hour, from country stations to sports commentary shows, we place your radio ad where your potential customers can hear and respond to them. Exceptionally targeted and extremely affordable, radio ads make it easy for you to run a cluster of ads on any given day without busting your marketing budget.

We specialize in putting your brand on TV and Radio for less than any of our competition!


With a whopping 93 percent of American adults reported to listen to the radio at least once a week, radio continues to be a highly effective and viable means of local advertising.


Offering great reach through both traditional and digital platforms, radio gives small business owners an affordable option for targeted advertising.


As a leading, full-service marketing agency, we understand the tricks, tips and industry secrets of radio advertising and put them to use to help your business thrive.

Giving your brand a level of credibility and cache like no other medium, television allows you to blare your message in the most memorable ways.


Though the challenges of television-based marketing efforts still exist, the platform still delivers an attentive audience that is captive and paying attention.


With digital streaming capabilities, Americans now watch TV from a variety of locations, from the breakroom to the airport, from the living room to the doctor’s waiting room, TV audiences remain engaged and are influenced by the strong messaging they receive.

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