Are you an Accounting Firm or Law Firm?  Would Fee Financing help?  Contact us today to learn more about this great program and if it would be a fit for you.  We can help at every step of the process.

Fee Financing has just started to take off in the US, but has been popular for years in other countries such as the UK and Australia. Fee Financing is simply a loan to your clients so they can pay your fees immediately, while covering the cost with monthly installments to QuickFee.


Offering Fee Financing as a payment option provides you an edge by cutting outstanding receivables in half, while helping your firm attract new clients such as those that need more payment flexibility (start-ups, seasonal businesses, etc.). The best part is your firm does not bear the cost of the financing, as it would with factoring and credit card payments.

Get started on achieving your next level by contacting a Silver Frog representative now.  We promise a customized strategy that suits your budget, short-term needs and long-term objectives. 

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