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PPC Advertising
PPC Advertising

PPC - Display Standard (monthly)


Silver Frog Marketing

Ideal for campaigns with a high monthly ad spend budget up to $4,000/mo. Includes Google display network targeting, up to 30 content based keywords, 10 image and 5 Google display banner ads, placement optimization, topic targeting, intent based targeting, managed placements, weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Google Ads Account setup
  • Google display network targeting
  • 10 image ads
  • 5 Google display banner ads
  • Content based keyword targeting up to 30 keywords
  • Display ads and placement optimization
  • Managed placements
  • Geographic bidding
  • Device bidding
  • Demographic bidding
  • Interest based targeting
  • Intent based targeting
  • Topic targeting
  • Automated weekly PPC status reports
  • Monthly PPC performance reports

 *Prices do not include Google Ad Spend up to $4,000

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