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National SEO

National SEO - Gold (monthly)


Silver Frog Marketing

Designed for business in a highly competitive market (financial services, real estate, etc). 5 keyword categories, 50 target keywords, 100 trackable keywords, on page optimization, website content writing, editorial content, blog writing and backlink building via relevant sources.

The SEO | National Gold offering includes:

  • Keyword Topics: SEO work will focus on 5 keyword categories
  • Trackable Keywords: We will focus on 50 target keywords and track 100 keywords
  • Optimized Pages: We will recommend or perform optimization of website pages every month
  • Relevant Link Building: We will build backlinks via business listings, industry-specific informational content, guest blogging and rich media every month to improve website presence
  • Content Optimization: We will post industry-specific editorial content and create/modify website content to boost rankings

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