About Us

Driven by a passion for helping the small business owner, we established Silver Frog Marketing to provide expertise in both traditional and digital advertising platforms. With more than a decade of being a trusted resource for our clients, we remain steadfast in our goal of creating growth opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes.

Though we're specialists in both radio and television advertising campaign development, we also work to remain on the cutting-edge of the digital world. Combining insightful data analysis measures with proven, tried-and-true procedures, the Silver Frog team has developed an approach to comprehensive marketing plans that work. Our efforts are designed to boost ROI and deliver unquestionable results across the board.

By partnering with the industry’s biggest media companies, we are able to utilize our exceptional buying power and secure extremely affordable rates for national and local broadcast.​

Our TV and Radio Advertising methods have proven to generate higher ROI rates and are created with the small business owner in mind.

We do the extra homework needed to eliminate wasted air time and to target your specific audience and their needs.


Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us:

Backed by years of experience in all platforms of advertising and marketing, our team has proudly helped hundreds of fledgling businesses grow and thrive to become leaders in their local industries.

Contact us now to begin your own customized strategic plan for digital marketing and discover the benefits of partnering with a frog — a Silver Frog, that is. We’ll have you hopping toward unmatched profits.


Our Approach:

Knowing that effective marketing always means answering your potential customers’ most pressing questions, we strive to create advertising and marketing campaigns that speak to your audience.

Our unique approach gives the small business owner the advantage, letting each effectively communicate through targeted consumer engagement techniques.


Our Team