Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads Traffic Plan (monthly)


Silver Frog Marketing

Ideal for campaigns with small monthly ad spend budget (up to $2,500/mo).

-Demographics: Age and gender.

-Topics: YouTube video or Google Display Network content targeted by category or sub-category.

-Interests: categories to target users interested topics, even when they may be visiting
pages about other topics.

-Placements: Add unique websites or placements within those websites. For example, we can target an entire high traffic blog or the homepage of a popular news site.
Placements include:
Channels (YouTube Partner Channels)
Videos (YouTube Videos)
Sites (Google Display Network - includes as a publisher site)

-Remarketing lists: Reach viewers based on their past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel. Targeting existing viewers to subscribe.

-Content keywords (Display Network): contextual targeting on the greater Google Display Network to videos on the entire network.

-Weekly PPC reports

-Monthly PPC performance reports

Management Fee includes:

 Adwords/Youtube Account Setup

Setting up ads

Bid optimization

Device bid management

Geo bid management

Targeting Audiences






YouTube Remarketing 

Keyword Targeting (Content Based)


Weekly Report

Monthly Report