TV/Radio - Our Process and Features

We specialize in putting you on TV and Radio for less than any of our competitors! 

Why Choose Us for TV:

Backed by years of experience in all platforms of advertising and marketing, our team has proudly helped hundreds of fledgling businesses grow and thrive to become leaders in their local industries.

Contact us now to begin your own customized strategic plan for digital marketing and discover the benefits of partnering with a frog — a Silver Frog, that is. We’ll have you hopping toward unmatched profits.



We liquidate Radio and TV airtime, during normal business hours, Local and Nationally, at aggressively negotiated CPM's.

Our goal is to decrease your lead cost while increasing your lead volume so that your leads overall are more profitable - so that your marketing overall is more profitable.

Media proposals are custom built for each client. 


Here are a few of the spots we have produced.

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