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The Silver Frog Method

Are you currently buying TV or Radio? Or need to add TV or Radio to your marketing plan?  If so, you’ll want to keep reading…

We buy differently than traditional agencies.  We have no long-term contracts and we typically place week to week. We liquidate Radio and TV airtime, during normal business hours, Local and Nationally, at aggressively negotiated CPM's.

Our goal is to decrease your lead cost while increasing your lead volume so that your leads overall are more profitable - so that your marketing overall is more profitable.

The Silver Frog Method


1. Proposal


We work with each client to build the best possible media proposal.

We can place locally and nationally, Broadcast and Cable.

By negotiating directly with stations, at both local and national levels, we can save our clients 50-80% off what they are currently spending on the SAME media. 


2. Production

If you don’t already have a commercial, we can help.  We offer great pricing on Professional Spot Production: Live Action, B Roll, Animated and On-Site productions.

Some of our current spots:



3. Placement

We place very detailed orders that allow us to control;

  • Separation – We require station to maintain a 1 hour separation between spots.  This prevents all of your spots running during the same show or time frame.  We spread it out to reach the most viewers possible.
  • Day Part – We place your spots during your business hours.  Other agencies will place in a way that your commercials run over night.  Unless that is where your clients are, you don’t want your media running overnight.  Why run an ad when you are not there to pick up the phone.  On the other hand, if you have an online store, and/or need to reach people at night, we can do that too.
  • Credits – If your spot is bumped, or if there are separation or flight violations, we fight for your money and get you the credit you deserve. Most of the time our clients get the benefits of spot running that they don’t have to pay for.


4. Reporting

Reporting is an important part of any marketing campaign.  We offer:

Call Tracking -
If you are running a Digital or TV/Radio campaign with a Toll (phone number), you will have access to our Call Routing Dashboard.
    • See calls in real time.
    • All calls are recorded so you can always go back to listen to a call.
    • Access your data any time.

Call Tracking

Live Global Dashboard –
If you are running digital campaigns, you will have access to our Global Dashboard which shows metrics from every advertising campaign in one place. 

Live Dashboard

Automated reports –
Weekly and Monthly PPC performance reports are sent out automatically to keep you informed about the results we’ve achieved.


We constantly review the data so that we can continually refine our client’s campaign, and provide them better, more meaningful and more profitable results.

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