The majority of people regard television commercials as mere nuisances that exist only to interrupt their viewing pleasure. That is, until a particular commercial catches their attention because it is about something they want or need. At this point, you are fully focused on the television ad.

Contrary to popular belief, television advertising is not dead. In fact, with the majority of Americans still devoting several hours a week to watching television, TV as an advertising medium has proven itself an ultimate influencer.

If you have not yet tried television advertising and wondering if it is worth the cost and effort, keep on reading. Silver Frog Marketing, your television advertising agency, offers the top benefits of TV advertising.

You Can Watch From Anywhere

Access helps tremendously. And so does the fact that video is still the preferred format. This holds especially true for Millennials.

Tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. This, in addition to better data plans and better access to WiFi, continues to facilitate the rise in video audiences. Just think about the number of people who enjoy out of home television viewing while they are waiting for a dentist appointment, working out at the gym and picking up a friend at the airport.

Loyal Viewers

Live sports broadcasts, entertainment and television series attract audiences that are loyal and attentive. Indeed, appointment viewing is still alive and well.

Sporting events are still a very strong bet. You can bet that the same people are watching their favorite football team play every week. This holds true for news programs and television shows.

A Trusted Technique

Television advertising has enjoyed a long and interesting history. In the beginning, television advertising was seen as controversial, but people quickly got over their suspicions.

For generations, television ads have been a part of everyday life and they are trusted by consumers. By showcasing your brand through television advertising, you stand to build confidence in and an audience for your goods and services.

Scope For Creativity

There are various ways in which you can market your business, but none of them are as compelling as television ads.

Commercials allow you to combine sound and visuals to tell a compelling story. With the help of an excellent advertising agency, you are able to create a commercial that reflects the ethos of your business and captures the imagination of your audience.

Getting Attention

Television ads are highly effective because they capture consumers when they are at their most attentive. While all other forms of marketing, including online banner ads, print ads and social media campaigns, are important, they do have less impact than television commercials. When a television ad is aired, it takes over the screen and nothing is there to compete with it, which is something you don’t experience in other marketing mediums.

Targeted and Affordable

By identifying channels and shows that your consumers are watching, your ads can be aimed at a well-defined audience. And with the proliferation of satellite TV and cable, television advertising is accessible and affordable.

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