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How can we help you today?

We are continuously adding and perfecting our services. How can we help your marketing in 2021?


Survived 2020

2020 was rough for so many individuals and businesses alike. However, by changing with the times, we were able to increase revenue by 300% in 2020.


TV and Radio Media Added

March of 2019 was a turning point for SFM, Steve Ross joined as the Director of Sales and brought the TV/Radio media services with him.


Digital Marketing Added

In 2017 SFM added Digital Marketing to their service catalog. We started with just Google ads and Social Media but have grown to a full service agency.


Newsletter Marketing Added

SFM added newsletter marketing to our list of services providing custom email blasts for clients.


Creation of Silver Frog Marketing

Founded by Christina Ross in July 2015, she began as a website designer for small, local businesses.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide marketing that generates a better R.O.I.  We provide consistent results for our clients by building marketing campaigns that reach more people for less money.  By utilizing multiple advertising mediums and implementing logical marketing automations, we ensure the best results possible for every customer.

Consider us the 'Priceline' of TV Media Sales

We liquidate Radio and TV airtime, during normal business hours, Local and National, at aggressively negotiated CPM's. By generating more leads with TV and Radio Advertising, at a dramatically lower lead cost we will make you more profitable.

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Just a few of our media partners

Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners
Just a few of our media partners

Results by the Numbers

Combining insightful data analysis measures with proven, tried-and-true procedures, the Silver Frog team has developed an approach to comprehensive marketing plans that work. Our efforts are designed to boost ROI and to deliver unquestionable results across the board.

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Why Us?

Media Outlets Come To US

We’ve pre-negotiated rates and parameters with thousands of media outlets across the country. From major national networks to regional clusters to individual local stations. Each week these TV and Radio outlets come to us with the inventory they couldn’t sell.

We are their last hope to make money…Because you can’t sell yesterday’s commercial today.

Run when listenership is highest!

A lot of companies mix in Overnight and Weekend inventory to artificially lower the overall average rate of your buy. But who’s really listening at 3am on a Sunday??

Unless our clients need Overnights and Weekends, we

CPM Buys!

We buy based on CPMs (cost per millennia) – what does it cost to reach 1,000 people with any given spot?

At an average radio CPM of $2.50 and television CPM (for a :60-second spot) of $5.00 nobody comes close to allowing you to reach MORE people for LESS money!!

True Partnership

We don’t just buy Media, we track every station we use so we know what works and what doesn’t for each Vertical and for each Partner.

We want your campaign with us to be as successful as possible. That’s why we don’t charge for Toll Numbers, Call Tracking, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, or Analytic Reports.

We Earn Your Business

We’re so confident we can consistently make you money that we have no long term contracts we instead earn your business week in and week out.

Digital Marketing

Our unique approach gives the small business owner the advantage through targeted consumer engagement techniques.

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Advertising Mediums

Advertising Mediums
Advertising Mediums
Advertising Mediums
Advertising Mediums
Advertising Mediums
Advertising Mediums


Our clients love working with us!

Bill OMary - Professional Tax Services Corp

We had been promised in the past by lead and media providers.  At first, I was skeptical.  I have to say that working with a relatively small test budget, Silver Frog Marketing has exceeded our expectations! They produced results in the first week and every week thereafter. Silver Frog Marketing helped us to grow our business and because of that, we trust them as a valued marketing partner.

Goldyn Daupin – CMO of Aspire Allergy & Sinus

Silver Frog Marketing approached me in early October 2019 when we were still looking for a new long term media buying partner. We were struggling with low numbers due to what we believe was a result of our recent rebrand, and I took a chance on them. To judge their effectiveness, we gave them two markets. We've seen great success with these two markets over the past few months, with both markets surpassing their December and January goals. In February we gave them another because we're so happy with the other two markets. It's working very well.

Jay Scott

I’m skeptical of most marketing firms but I can honestly say Silver Frog Marketing has exceeded our expectations! They were able to help us in a bunch of different ways – we’ve made more money because of Steve and Christina. I trust Silver Frog Marketing to help me grow my business and would recommend them to everyone!

Justin M. Meco Inc.

We have had 3 websites built by Silver Frog Marketing and would recommend them to anyone. They did a great job without taking forever.

Our Team

Meet our team here at Silver Frog Marketing.